You can join the Grovely Gators anytime during the season.
Our sign up nights are at the start of the season, but just come along to a club night and speak to us if you are interested to find out more.

To join the Gators you need to submit these forms (one for Swim Qld, one for the Gators) along with payment to one of the club executives.
You can get them from here and print, or collect the forms from one of the gators executives on the sign up days or club nights.
Grovely Gators membership form (click here)
Swim Qld Membership Form (click here)

Great news on membership this year
This year fees are discounted depending on the age of the child

Age Gators Swim Qld Total for year
7 years and under $67 FREE $67
8 years $67 $35.75 $102.75
9+years $67 $71.50 $138.50

*Please note there are further discounts for families with more than 2 children.
Swimming Qld Junior Dolphin discount (shown above)

Save 50-100% on your Swimming Qld fees for under 9s,
Making the entire seasons membership fee only $67!!!


PrintGet in the Game Grant
for eligible families FULL membership paid for by the Qld government. Click here to find out more and eligibility requirements.

If you need more information, contact us or come along to one of our club nights.